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“Mou…. Akari-chan, I know I kiss well but you didn’t have to faint from it.” Standing up, she went over and leaned down to pick up Akari by grasping beneath the other armpits. Steadily she dragged the other over to the bed and plopped her on to it. Taking a moment to tuck the red head into bed before walking off humming with the intent of goofing off with watching some Television downstairs.

It took her a while to regain full consciousness - about fifteen to twenty minutes - and when she did, she bolted upright in bed.

"Weeeeh, Chinatsu-chan is so inconsiderate!! Doesn’t she even care about what Akari thinks or feels about her practicing on her? Akari doesn’t wanna be practiced on, she wants to do that without it being practice! But Chinatsu-chan doesn’t like Akari that way, she only likes Yui-chan that way!" Plopping back onto her bed, she turned over so her face was in her pillow to muffle her frustrated crying.


She ended the kiss after a little bit and sat along the wall. There was more time to take in the moment since no one was going to waltz in …unlike the last attempt. Lightly she pressed her finger to her lips as she took in the feeling.


“So this is what a kiss feels like.” She outwardly thought while giggling at the sensation. So now she could give Yui-senpai a proper kiss. The practice this time had gone off perfectly without a hitch.

“You aren’t a bad kisser, Akari-chan!~” Even if the other hadn’t done any of the kissing and was attacked by the pinkette. 

She couldn’t give any reaction, as there was no reaction to give. In an essentially blacked out state, Akari shed a tear for having had yet another kiss stolen from her. This was the third time… And the second time from Chinatsu. The reason that it hurt as badly as it did and put her in the state it did… Was because she did it for practice, and not that she actually even cared for her. Was it too much to ask for to get kissed by someone that liked her…? It definitely seemed that way to Akari.

Akane’s Worst Nightmare, Occurring for Real


Akane was relieved to hear that Akari was all right.

Based on the younger girl’s words (“or something”), Akane had a feeling that Akari still didn’t believe her… Akari did seem to be less uncomfortable, though… Akane hoped that this was a good thing. The college student was so worried at the moment, her heart was beating so fast in spite of her outwardly calm demeanor… And the headache and nausea that she was feeling weren’t helping her mental state either…

Right, Akane had missed a day of school…

“Thank you, Akari,” she replied calmly, with an appreciative smile, ”I hope so too.” After a moment, Akane realized that she would likely only make the problem worse by continuing to talk with Akari without having some sort of plan to make up for the terrible mistake she’d made earlier… “Onee-chan still isn’t feeling well right now, so I think that I’ll go to bed. I’m very sorry for troubling you earlier. I hope that you can forgive me.” Akane bowed in apology before leaving the room. She was beginning to feel light-headed again, most likely from her rising heart-rate this time.

The 19-year old walked into the kitchen, swallowed the painkillers (with a sip of water) she’d gotten earlier for her headache, and proceeded to refill the glass of water to take into her room with her for the night.

Nodding her understanding that Akane wasn’t feeling well and was headed to bed, Akari figured that she wouldn’t have to worry about lying anymore for a while… It left a sour taste in her mouth, but she had to do it this time. Feeling a bit guilty as her older sister left the room, the redhead finished up her homework and went up to bed. She wanted to sort out her feelings - or at least try to - before going to sleep tonight. Going into her room, she locked the door before plopping down and leaning against it to think for the remainder of the night.

Akane’s Worst Nightmare, Occurring for Real


Akari looked so nervous… Akane could see that, in spite of her words, Akari didn’t believe Akane in the slightest… Akane would try to reassure and convince Akari, by making sense of the confusing situation in a realistic way.

“I think that… while I wasn’t feeling well earlier, I confessed to a classmate of mine. Or, that I thought I was confessing to a classmate. I’ve been wanting to tell her for awhile that I love her as more than just a friend.” How did people under the influence of alcohol behave? (How had Akane likely been behaving while she was drunk?) “Perhaps, I really did say those things to you, Akari, when I thought that I was talking to somebody else…I’m very sorry….Was…earlier, was I falling down often, while I was talking to Akari? Or, did my speech seem a bit strange? If that’s true, then, it’s quite likely that I didn’t know who I was talking to while I was saying such things… I’m very sorry that you had to see me in that condition…”

Akane wasn’t sure about how Akari got to her bed either, or how Akane got into the chair at Akari’s bedside… Akane hoped sincerely that…based on the evidence, Akane had just been watching out for Akari as she slept in her bed? But if she’d done that, then, “Are you all right, Akari? You don’t remember how you ended up in your bed?” Akari must have fainted…. After… After hearing Akane’s terrible confession?

It wasn’t difficult to put the pieces together, given what she knew about the circumstances. Akane was worried about Akari, especially after guessing that she’d fainted.

“Are you all right?”

That was an idea that made a fair amount of sense… Aside from one detail she seemed to not remember. Again deciding that it would be better to try and assure her sister that she believed her instead of arguing the point, Akari responded first to Akane’s query, her blush having died down a bit.

"Don’t worry, Onee-chan, Akari is okay. Akari thinks she passed out earlier because Onee-chan told her the confession to her classmate or something… Onee-chan was acting a little funny, and she was sitting against the wall before Akari passed out. Hopefully Onee-chan gets better soon, so she doesn’t have to miss any more school!"

Akane’s Worst Nightmare, Occurring for Real


((Yeah, I’m sorry. That’s a subject that I’m very uncomfortable with too, haha. XP That’s why I never drink. XP Plus, I’d be worried about what I’d say or do while drunk too. XD))

Seeing the uncomfortable, almost frightened look on Akari’s face as Akari had explained what had happened, Akane’s heart sunk into the floor… She….She had…. Oh, no… Oh, no, no,….no….

Akane’s absolute worst nightmare had come true…Something that she’d spent her life avoiding…. Oh no….

Akane stood there in absolute silence for a moment, wishing desperately for it to all be a dream, but…. the pain she was in, both physically and mentally (after seeing the (disgusted? frightened?) look on Akari’s face), made it obvious to her that what was happening was completely real….

How was Akane going to fix this? She had to think quickly…

Ignoring the pain in her head and the racing of her heart, Akane replied calmly,

“More than sisters? I’m not sure what you mean by that…” she said very gently, reassuringly, ”Onee-chan was very sick today, and…I don’t think that I could love you as more than a sister… I do love you, very much, but… It’s just not possible for me to love you in any other way than just as a sister… Are you sure that you were the one I said that to? And not to somebody else?”

Akane hoped that Akari would begin to believe her…

Akane had no need to worry, as Akari’s expression was merely one of great embarrassment. There wasn’t much to do with the History assignment, but she still had a couple questions to fill out on her homeroom assignment… Surprised by the response she received though, the thoroughly embarrassed girl looked back up at the reassuring older girl. Maybe she had imagined it…? But there hadn’t been anyone else here today, and she had seen her bag right where she left it… No, it had to have been real. Was Akane worried about something…? Figuring it would be better to play along instead of confront her about it, Akari nodded her head.

"Akari might have h-heard Onee-chan telling it to someone else, and Akari thinks it’s silly that Akari would think Onee-chan likes Akari m-more than as a sister. Don’t worry, Onee-chan, Akari must have imagined it, since she didn’t remember how she got into her bed!"

A Drunk Girl with a Crazy Mission…


((Akane would’ve made it to the bathroom XP))


’S…Seven thirty?’ But how….A lightning bolt of pain shot through Akane’s head as she tried to process what was happening. She winced a little, placing her hand gingerly onto her throbbing head.

When Akane had looked out the window in the kitchen, it had looked dark outside…Akane had thought that it was early morning, because, when Akane had conversed with the anon and Jade-mun the other night, it had been about 2:30am….But now… Akari was awake, and…doing her homework instead of being at school, so….Akane’s face became even paler than it was (due to the hangover) in shock. ‘Seven-thirty pm? Did- Did I forget an entire day?!’ She tried to calm down… ‘The last thing I remember, is…’ Akane’s mind felt so hazy, she only had vague memories of what she’d done before waking up in the chair next to Akari’s bed, and no memory of what she’d done while she’d been drunk. ‘Is…accepting, the sports drink from the anon?’ That drink had tasted odd, but… Why would it have- …..Akane paused as the situation finally registered in her mind… ‘That drink must have been alcoholic….’ The alcoholic taste hadn’t been from a chemical used to change the drink’s color, it had been from the alcohol in the drink! ‘Oh, no…’ Akane…Akane had gotten drunk? This was horrible!

Akane looked at Akari with a very worried expression. “Akari, did I say anything to you between now and yesterday?” She prayed that she hadn’t… Please…Please say that she hadn’t…..

(I know, but still xD)

Nodding at the queried ‘nap’ Akane had said, Akari quickly became alarmed as Akane showed her pain, not knowing how to help her sister or what she could do to help. The closest thing to being hurt she’d done was when she had tripped over the table earlier… Oh. Right. That was why she had passed out. Blushing brightly, Akari averted her gaze and tried to focus on her homework until Akane’s apparent hurting stopped; there wasn’t anything she could do, she figured. king up but not at her sister as the elder asked the question she asked, Akari nodded her head.

"Y-yeah… Onee-chan s-said she.. R-really really liked Akari… As m-more than sisters…"

A Drunk Girl with a Crazy Mission…


After a few hours, Akane awoke with a terrible, terrible headache…

“Oh, no…Oh dear….” Akane placed a careful hand to her head…. Where…. Where was she? She blinked wearily, looking around the room… She was in…

“Akari’s room?” she said aloud. Why was she in….Oh…Oh no…Akane turned an unpleasant shade of green…She didn’t feel very well at all-

Before Akane could run for the bathroom, Mun, who doesn’t want to write about gross stuff, snapped her fingers and magically Akane was cured of the extreme elements of her hangover. ((Akane didn’t want to get drunk in the first place. It was my fault that she ended up getting tricked into getting drunk. So I might as well help her out… Plus, it wouldn’t be possible for Akari to interact with Akane if Akane were to spend the rest of the evening in the bathroom.))

Akane was left with a bad headache, a bit of nausea, and a sensitivity to light. She stumbled ungracefully out of Akari’s room, and ended up in the kitchen to get a cup of water. She felt so thirsty… And her head hurt so bad… What had happened?…

Akane took some painkillers from the kitchen cabinet, and, with her cup of water, slowly walked into the living room to collapse on the couch. As she entered the living room though, she was surprised to find Akari there doing her homework.

“Akari?” she asked weakly. “…Hello…” After another moment of silence she added, “…What time is it?”

Unknowing of what almost happened in her bedroom, Akari had heard the kitchen faucet for a second, before it shut off, informing her that Akane must have gotten a glass of water since the dishes were out of the sink. Finishing up her math, Akari started up on History homework, which was thankfully simplistic. Seeing her older sister coming room and asking what time it was rather weakly, Akari herself became curious. Taking her phone out of her pocket, she flipped open and saw that it was already seven thirty, almost!

"It’s almost seven thirty, Onee-chan… Did Onee-chan have a nice nap?"

A Drunk Girl with a Crazy Mission…


Seeing Akari lose consciousness, Akane was shocked out of her dizziness. “Akari!” she said worriedly, adrenaline flooding her hazy system as she quickly got up, rushing to Akari, checking her pulse (her pulse seemed ok), her breathing (breathing seemed ok too), and other signs. She seemed ok… just unconscious…

Akane gently picked Akari up, and carried her to Akari’s room. She placed Akari into her bed, and covered her softly with the blankets. Akane then placed Akari’s desk chair next to Akari’s bed, and sat down in the chair, waiting faithfully for Akari to wake up, to make sure that the younger girl was ok. After awhile though, Akane fell asleep herself.

((When Akane wakes up again, she won’t be drunk anymore. Would you like to continue this conversation after they wake up?))

Unaware of the change of location, Akari slowly regained consciousness, blinking her eyes a couple times to get the sleep out of her eyes. She couldn’t remember how she got onto her bed, or why she had fallen asleep, but she was surprised to see her sister sleeping in her desk chair near the bed. Carefully, quietly, the redhead slipped out of bed… She still had to finish her homework, and that was what she planned on doing while her sister was asleep for whatever reason. Before she left, though, Akari removed the blankets off her bed and draped them over Akane. No sense in making her be cold, now, right? Satisfied, she slipped out of the room and back down to the living room where her bag still was, and began on her homework.

(If you want to, sure.)

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We’re sorry, the Akari you are trying to contact is currently unconscious. Please try again later.

A Drunk Girl with a Crazy Mission…


Akari’s expression was…different… It looked like…like…Well, Akane had never seen Akari make an expression like that… But it didn’t look like Akari was happy… She looked…”Akari?…” Akane asked gently. Akari looked… Oh, no! Akari looked scared!

Forgetting that she’d just confessed her feelings to her younger sister, Akane asked worriedly, ”What’s wrong?” She tried to stand up to comfort the younger girl, but another wave of dizziness kept Akane on the floor. “Akari…” she said, keeping her expression calm and gentle, trying to best to put Akari at ease even though she couldn’t move closer to her physically. “It’ll be ok… wha’s wrong? What happened?”

Since the problem wasn’t one fixable at the moment, what with Akari’s emotions running rampant and going all over the place, she sat down, then laid down on her back to try and calm down.

"Akari is… She’s gonna… Akari is gonna take a nap, Onee-chan…" With her last bit of will exerted in saying that, the redhead passed out unconscious.